Frank Ryan &
Ceitic Clan

now featuring 2


Live at the Black Rose

Frank's Bio
Born and raised in Dublin,Ireland,Played Classical guitar,performed in Musical Theatre,Moved to Saudi-Arabia where he worked in several facets of the Engineering field throughout the Middle East.
Played and performed throughout the USA as well as Caribbean,and Korea.
Taught Math & English in the US Navy/Marine Corps (Boost Courses)

Among the  venues played:

Saudi-Arabian Royal Family
Princess Cruiselines,

Norwegian Cruiselines,
Black Rose Boston,
Westin Chosun Hotel,Seoul S.Korea
Inn on 5th Ave.Naples Florida
Kennedy Family (Various family functions)
Gubernatorial Innaugurations
Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff
Governor Maura Healy

We play a LOT of private and corporate gigs but below are the ones the public can attend.

2024....Wed/Thu 8-12 ....Fri/Sat 9-1

Black Rose Boston!

June 5-8
July 3-6
Aug  7-10
Sep 11-14
Oct 2-5
Nov 6-9
Dec 25-28

Jozef Nadj
The Jazz Violin teacher and now an Associate Professor at the world-famous Berklee College of Music in Boston....he adds really interesting "Jazz"  flair to Irish/Celtic traditional fiddle-tunes as well as solos in standard....and not-so-standard songs

Jozef studied Classical and Contemporary music winning a full scholarsgip to Berklee College of Music in Boston.
Jozef was offered to be the violinist for the Electric Light Orchestra
but chose becoming a professor at Berklee instead.
For more info re Jozef visit

"Associate Member"
Alyssa Barker a fantastic fiddle-player/violinist.A Berklee College of Music in Boston graduate.
 Alyssa is equally proficient in Classical,Jazz,Contemporary
and Celtic Violin.

Alyssa has great sense of humor as well as being a dynamic and creative player!