Frank Ryan
& Celtic Clan now featuring 2 fiddles....
                    At last....some LIVE gigs
Aug. 7-8 Black Bear Cafe,Naples Maine (Single) 6-9
Aug.12-15 Black Bear Cafe,Naples Maine (Single) 6-9
Aug 27-28 Black Bear Cafe,Naples Maine (Single)
Sep. 2-4 Black Bear Cafe,Naples Maine (Single) 6-9
Sep.7-12 Black Rose Boston (8pm-12 Midnight)
Oct. 8-10 Black Bear Cafe,Naples Maine (6-9)
Oct. 19-24 Black Rose,Boston (8pm-12 Midnight)
Nov.16-21 Black Rose,Boston (8pm-12 Midnight)
Dec.28-Jan 2 (2022) Black Rose,Boston (8pm-12 Midnight)

Jozef Nadj
The Jazz Violin teacher in the world-famous Berklee College of Music in Boston....he adds really interesting "Jazz"  flair to Irish/Celtic traditional fiddle-tunes as well as solos in standard....and not-so-standard songs

Jozef studied Classical and Contemporary music winning a full scholarsgip to Berklee.
For more info re Jozef visit
Frank's Bio
Born and raised in Dublin,Ireland,Played Classical guitar,performed in Musical Theatre,Moved to Saudi-Arabia where he worked in several facets of the Engineering field throughout the Middle East.
Played in the USA as well as Caribbean,Korea.
Taught in the US Navy/Marine Corps (Boost Courses)

Among the  venues played:
Princess Cruiselines,
Norwegian Cruiselines,
Black Rose Boston,
Westin Chosun Hotel,Seoul S.Korea
Inn on 5th Ave.Naples Florida
Kennedy Family (Various family functions)
Gubernatorial Innaugurations
Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff