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Aberlours ,The a German band with Celtic sound - not traditional, but self composed. Was support band at Jethro Tull Germany tour, played in GB, USA, NL..
Achill Sound
German based band named for the famous Co.Mayo Island
Across the sea
Band based in British Columbia,Canada
. A Newfoundland based  band-trad & contemporary!
Adams,Colin Grant Entertainer from Scotland
Adams-Profeta,Donna Harper based in the NY Capital area !!
Traditional music featuring Robbie O'Connell & friends!
Aeone Scottish female vocalist "Interesting" page !
Aeram Celtic rock band from Snowdonia,Wales !!
Aff The Cuff
Scottish band-sometimes have difficulty gutting this URL ! 
Afro Celtic Sound System
Aint Whistlin Dixie Tin whistle & ocarina-plenty of samples here!
Airnean 4-piece traditional traveling and teaching worldwide !!
Aisling Irish traditional band from Colombus, Ohio U.S.A.
Fiddle/vocals/originals-"Midsummer" promo!  
Albion Band,The English based electric/ folk band !!
Alien Ceili Band
Ceili with a Louisiana flair and fun to boot based in England!!
All Blacked Up The English country Ceilidh band !! 
Alone in Atlanta
Oregan based band playing "Stout Irish Music"
Amadan Based in Holland
Americay Band from Madison Wisconsin playing Irish/Scottish & Cape  Breton style!!
Altan   The SUPERBAND!! 
An Cat Dubh German-Based band-The Black Cat ! 
An Irish Connection
Based in Melbourne Australia
Anam 5-piece band comprising of Irish/Scots and Cornwall musicians and on Green Linnet!!
Anam Ri
5-piece traditional band from Milwaukee  Wisconsin.
Anao Ateo
Celtic music of Cornwall ! !
Anderson,Neil With "Full Circle",Neil was the founding  member of "Seven Nations"
Andy M.Stewart & Gerry O'Beirne
(Stoneyport Agency)!! 
Angel Band
London -based ceili !! 
Annwn Berkley California based Irish/Celtic   band !!
Anril  Hawaiian Islands (Maui) based band! "Cockles and mussels Hawaii five oh" !!
Ansill,Jay Harp/guitar/fiddle/mandolin...does it all !!
Anuna Choral group Specializing in Medieval and Celtic music!! 
Arranmore Chicago based 5-piece band !!
Areesh-Celtic duo based in Adelaide S.Australia !
Ar Re Yaouank Breton-based band 
Around the Hearth
3-piece band based in Oregon !
Arthur,Davey Great musician and formerly with The Fureys-now doing his own thing                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
Ashbrook,Karen Hammer dulcimer/tin whistle and Irish flute ! 
Ash Plant-Copenhagen,Denmark- based 5 piece band !!   
At The Racket
 All-star Irish trad etc. featuring among others fiddle-player John Carty !!                   
Athanaor-Quebec based  band-Page in French and English ! !
Athenrye-Great band from Scotland who give new definition to the word "rebel" !!
Atkinson ,Craig Fiddle-player based in Canada!!
Atlantic Shore Sebastabol,California based band !
Atwater-Donnelly Rhode Island based innovative  duo !
Avalon  English-based folkers !!
Avalon Rising Celtic rock/fusion/Medieval/jazz-quite a lineup !
Avalon Edinburgh based Folkers/Rockers !                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
Avoca Irvington NY based band !    

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Baal Tinne Chicago based traditional-multi-influenced band !!
Bachelor's Walk
(Great name lads ) -Irish based 4-piece playing worldwide !!
Baile Baire, Band based in Raleigh Nprth Carolina
Back Porch Band
-Celtic and folk roots from Minnesota !!
Tremendously influential fiddle-player in the Scottish tradition and member of "Boys of the Lough" !
Ball,Patrick Harpist playing concerts a lot on the West coast.
Ballydowse  Celtic punk from Chicago !!
Bangers and Mash
New York based Celtic Rock band.Hi Seth !
Bangers and Mash-Netherlands based band.
Bantree Band-The page is in German so I am assuming they are based somewhere there
Barachois-Prince Edward Island-playing Acadian/Celtic etc. !!                  
Barclay,Bill-Scottish based singer/jokester                                                                     
Bardic German duo !!
Bards, The Jimmy & Barney-W. Massachusetts based duo !
Bareknuckle Boxers Big band from Seattle playing bareknuckled !!
Barking Monkeys Seattle-based rockers/folkers !!
Barleycord Based in Holland
Barley Brothers  Band from Germany
Barley Thar  Tallahassee, Florida-based band !! 
Bates Motel  Rockin Celtic band based in Cornwall,England
Barrett , Mike  One of the funniest singer/songwriters on the planet and based in Boston !!
Batter the Haddock From Cambridge England-an eclectic bunch and a lot of fun I'd say !
Battlefield Band 
Beer for Breakfast Top Irish band based in the NW of England !!
Beer Mats,The 
Fun band from the South-side of  Dublin
Belfast Busker 
Cornwall based musician Alan Deane
Belle Star Band, The   Edinburgh based All female band !! 
Trad trio based in Michigan !!
Belton,Kevin singer from the Napa valley area of California  kbelton@interx.net <kbelton@interx.net>
Benachally Ceilidh Band Scottish based 6-piece band of Ceili flavour !!
Benoit Bourque & Gaston Bernard (Revels)-2 multi- instrumentalists based in Canada !
Bergin,Mary  Whistle-player extraordinaire (Magyaryul)!!                               
Bivans  Brothers, The Based in Greenville North Carolina-Celtic Rock band !!
Big Geraniums.the  Very popular 4-piece on Polygram!!     
Black Irish Band,The   Based in California!     
Black,Frances   One of the new great voices from Ireland  (Dojo)!!    
Black,Mary Phenomenal singer from Dublin who has now managed to bridge the gap to main-stream !  
Black '47 -You've seen them on the Late shows-very creative NY based  !! 
Blackbirds ,The
3-piece band from the Minneapolis area
Blackburn,Fiona Great new voice from the Pacific NW-2nd album now available!!
Blackthorn - Philadelphia- based Irish/Celtic band !!
Blackthorn-Swedish based 5 piece band (Stockholm) !!
Blackwater Pennsylvania based band in and around Morristown/Allentown
Blackwood Very Cool Celtic Rock based in Kentucky  
-Based in Arizona
Blarney Brothers, The Texas-based band covering a multitude of musical genres! 
Bleeding Hearts
Celto-Ponko-in-your-face band based in the U.K but playing worldwide !! (Owzat Nick ?)!!
Blood or Whiskey Punk-come-Celtic-whatever band based in Co.Kildare !!
Bloom,Luka -PHENOMENAL (and a great guy too)  !!
Bloom, Luka Another site-including direction to some of the TAB
Blue Horses  Cardiff-Wales based band !
BMC Band, The Barry Mc Cabe w/Dave Spillane !
Bog Standards    Fun looking band from Victoria Australia !!  
Bogle,Eric-phenomenal song-writer from Scotland !! 
Bogside Rogues Celtic Band based in the PA area
Boiled in Lead-Minneapolis based very funky band !! 
Bolingey Troyl Band
- Band based in Cornwall featuring dancers and a mix of Celtic and originals!
Bonny Glee  German based Celtic band !
Booley-Dublin based "different" band  
-Aussie band !! 
Border Collies,The
Celtic band based in Atlanta ,Georgia !!
Bowen,Paul "Irish Realism" he toured with many luminaries including Rory Gallagher and U2 !!
Boys of the Lough,The One of the GREAT bands
Boyzone-The world phenomenon !
Brady,Paul    Great guitarist/singer/songwriter from Strabane ! 
Brakin' Tradition Cape Breton based Celtic/Irish band
Brazen Heads.Based in Phoenix AZ (Originally from Dublin-Liam Mackey....Hi Leann)
Bremen Town Musicians, The Based In Vancouver BC Canada !!
Brendan Mulvihill & Donna Lang
-(Green Linnet)Together featuring Brendan's inimitable style and Donna's keyboard backing !
Breton Musicians page-Very detailed directory of Breton bands/musicians !
Brian Boru Pipe Band ,Based on Cape Cod Massachusetts !!
Brian Kelso Crow-Flute & tin whistle-Illinois based !!
Bridges of  Breton Counties, The Experience the fiddle-music of Cape Breton !
Brigantine Based in Richmond, Virginia !!
Brigid's Cross Cleveland Ohio based band !!
Brilliant Trees This 4-piece band originally from Dublin now working out of Florida 
Broadside Electric-Philadelphia based band-folk/rock/art/klezmer et al !!
Brobdingnagian Bards, Based in Austin Texas !
Broken Pledge    (Magyarul) !!
Brollywacker Florida based duo !!
Brother Didgeridoo and guitars meet bagpipes -saw them in Pittsburgh-great band!  
Bruno's Brewlers  3-piece band based in Detroit Michigan
Singer/entertainer based in Columbia South Carolina !!
Brown,Jacquelyn  London Ontario based singer/Harpist. !! 
Browne Jenkyn, New Jersey based band !!
Buddy O'Reilly Band , The Atlanta,Georgia based band !!
Bungle Rye Texas meets England meets Celtic !!
Burach-6 piece folk/rockers based in Scotland but willin' to travel !   
Bullock,Robin One of the "original of the species" and large influence on maritime music in Canada !
Buttons and Srtings-Hamburg based band !
Bwoie Doa l  Isle of Man band!

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Caedmons Fayre German based band!
Cahill,Patricia "Ireland's Nightingale" singer from my home town of Dublin!!
 Cork meets Brittany (Magnetic music) !!
Caliban-Two members of Tempest ! 
Callahan and O'Conno
r-based in Akron Ohio !
Cameron,John Allan-Canadian Maritimes entertainer !
Canny,Paddy-Great Clare fiddle-player !
Cape Cod Fiddlers-Big group of fiddlers doing concerts on  Cape Cod Massachusetts!!
Capercaillie One of my all-time favourites!
Captain Tractor Canadian (Alberta) based folk/rock band!
Carl Hession & The Celtic Orchestra-Carl is joined by Frankie Gavin,Martin O'Connor among others
Carrantouhill-Ireland's highest peak and a 5-piece band based in Poland
Casey,George Comedian from Ireland
Casey Neill Trio based out of Portland Oregon and playing mostly in the West of the USA !!
Cassidy,Frank New CD Tin Air !!
Cassidy,Patrick Celtic harpist/composer with a classical touch !
Castle Keep Duo based in New Jersey !!
Cat Taylor & Fiddler's Fancy San Francisco based band !
Based in S.E. Pennsylvania !!
Ceann na Caca Based in Pittsburgh
Ceili's Muse Texas meets Celtic !!  
A band from Ottowa,Canada
Cellar Folk-German based (Weisbaden) band !
Celtic Aire Chicago based Celtic Rock !
Celtic Clan Great band with a tongue-in-cheek attitude,originals lotsa tunes etc.This is my band !
Celtic Connection, The Based in Newfoundland this 5-piece band !!
Celtic Cross New York based band !!
Celtic Cross-North of England based band !!
Celtic Dancers-Swedish based dance troupe-nice page !!! 
Celtic Dragon
Band from Central Florida !!
Celtic Elvis-California-based 5-piece-looks like a lot of fun!!!
Celtic Ensemble Group based in San Diego,California !! 
Celtic Hangover
French based Folk-rock band
Celtic Heart San Francisco based band !!
Celtic Justice
New York based party band!!
Celtic Legacy Dublin band-nice page !!!
Celtic Offspring Ontario based band !!
Celtic Nots Washington State based band !!!
Celtic Reflections Canadian (Alberta) based band ! 
Celtic Soul
A 6-piece folk/rock band based in Jacksonville Florida 
Celtic TeePee
from N.Carolina.
Celtic Thunder-Baltimore based band
Celtic Voyage
Celtus-5-piece band based in London 
Ceol Binn
Sweet music from Florida's West coast!! 

Ceol na Mara
Large troup of dancers/singers/musicians from Ireland !

Charlie & the Bhoys
Glasgow Celtic supporters "official" cheer leaders ! 
Chessell ,Paddy Singer based in Vancouver Canada

Chulrua Trad band based in the Midwest of U.S.A. 
Churchfitters ,The  Trio based in Brittany,France
Celtic Rock from Perth Australia!!
Clancy ,Aoife  Great singer now based in Boston but playing worldwide.
Clandestine  4-piece Keltic-Kick-Ass band based in Houston Texas!!
Clann An Drumma Scottish based band featured in the Mel Gibson film  "We were Soldiers" 
Clarke Sisters,The
Based in London,England this 3-piece "kicks" with 2 fiddles and guitar back-up!!
Cherish The Ladies
-Joanie Madden and the girls are developing a worldwide appeal and following !!
Cletus Mc Bride
Fun band based in Philadelphia!!
Clonakilty  Scandanavian based band 
Cole ,Danny Ray , Premier Irish,Cajun,Bluegrass fiddler from N. Carolina !!

Celtic Band from Belgium

Common Ground  4-piece Scandinavian-based band  
ConFusion Based in California-India meets Ireland !
Cooper,Simon Simon Composer from Cornwall with 8 CD to his credit !
Cooney,Andy New York based singer !!
Corbies, The Swedish Celtic Band !!
Corries The. Tremendously influential and original Scottish band !!
Corrie Folk & Paddy Bell  Magyarul !
Corrs The-did the sound for them a couple of times-TERRIFIC and really nice people too!
Costard Ouate 4-piece Breton band (Site in French) !
Coughlin,Mary Great voice
County Mayo  Ohio-based trio !!
Costello,Elvis Tremendously popular in Ireland and very creative!
Cowie,Elspth Top Scottish singer in the traditional style!!

Craicing On Trio based in Minneapolis !!
Craigenroan Ceilidh Band, The 5-piece Scotish band !!
Cran Exciting trio based in Drogheda Co.Louth   !!
Cranberries,The Really popular worldwide!
Crannog-New Zealand based band playing trad Irish music with vigour!!
  Based in Indiana 
-The "Heart" of Irish music in the Netherlands !!
Cronan San Francisco 4-piece based band !!
Keyboard Player based in Ireland
Crowley,Jimmy Great songwriter from Cork !!
Curtis & Loretta Curtis Teague & Loretta Simonet-Minneapolis-based multi-instrumentalist duo!!
Cullen Brian Based in Nagoya,Japan !!
Cunningham,Johnny-Fiddler’s fiddle player-former member of SILLY WIZZARD (hi Johnny) !
Cunningham,Phil- Accordion maestro-brother of Johnny-together...dynamite! 
Cushleen 3-piece band based in the South of England !!

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Da Bys  Newfoundland based fun band !!
Celtic Rock mixed with Ayers Rock-Aussie band !
Damp in the attic
4-piece traditional band featuring well known session players!!
Danny Guinan Band  Irish/Dutch folk band !!
Danu Irish band based in Dungarvan Co. Waterford with a nice page !!!
Darby O'Gill-Oregon based-funny page ! 
Dark Molly
,Seattle-based band blending Oyster Band,Pogues etc.!!
Daughters of rock
-3-piece a-cappella from Newfoundland
Dave Webber & Anni Fentiman-Duo based in England !
Davey,Shaun-Terrific composer recently composed music for the film "Waking Ned Devine"
Davy Steele & Aaron Jones (Stoneyport) !!
DiGiuseppe David-Piano Accordion player/teacher touring a lot in the North Carolina area !! 
Celtic/traditional band based in Cardiff Wales !!
Deaf Shepherd Young Scottish-based band !!
Deanta-6 piece Irish trad band and Green Linnet recording artists!
De Burgh,Chris-Gret entertainer/singer/songwriter and one of the hottest tickets in Ireland !
DeReelium Irish music with a German accent !!!
Delaney's Donkey Trad Irish with Blackpool  accent !!
Denman,Todd Uilleann piper
Deoch an Dorais-Irish music and beyond-"Stars of Meunster" based in Westphalia Germany !!
Dervish Sligo-based upbeat trad w/original arrangements !
Devlins,The Dublin based band 
Dewar and Mc Lean
Duo based in Sacramento and featuring Scottish/Celtic music in abundance!!
Dicey Reilly  Ceili band from the Philadelphia area
Diggers, The Powerful trio based in Michigan !!
Dillon, Eamon
Uilleann Piper originally from Belfast now living in the States !!
Dillon ,Eddie Singer/Songwriter from the Boston area.
Distant Oaks San Francisco based band !!!
Doan,John Plays an unusual 20-string guitar-harp
Dochas-Playing Celtic music in the Czech Republic "The Czech is in the mail" !!
Dodd,Thomas  Harpist
Doll Sweating Hour, The Celto/Christo/Bizzaro ! 
Donegal X-Press
Celtic band form the Baltimore area in Maryland!!
Donnybrook Chicago-based band-named for one of my favourite Dublin "hangouts"
Great guitarist featured by The Chieftains
Double Indemnity A New Jersey based 4-piece band !!
Dover ,Connie A real "stalwart" of the biz !
Downeast Ceilidh Canadian-American club of Greater Boston!!
Danny Now based in the Washington DC area, Danny is a true professional performer !
Drawdy,Roger Entertainer based in Kentucky USA !!
Dragonfall Welsh based rockers !!
Drever,Ivan Well-known singer/songwriter from The Orkneys Islands !!
Drew,Ronnie Character and one of the founder members of "The Dubliners"
Dropkick Murphy Punkish band playing all over the world !
Drowning Bagpipes Based in Munich Germany !!
Dub Skelper Rollickin' band from Scotland
Dublin Fair-Irish/Swedish band.
Duchas-High energy Traditional band from Connemara !!
Duffy,Paul Great musician from Ireland now based in Florida !!
Dugger,Mike -Fiddle player 
Dunlea ,Pat
, Great singer and funny man from Co.Cork-are'nt they all- now based in the Boston area!! 
Dunne ,Andy
Cork based singer/songwriter and often a member of Davy Arthur's band  
Durty Linen
Band based in Nottingham ,England !!
Dust Rhinos, From Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada !!

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Earth Dance Music Richard Searles' Rennaisance and mystical compositions !!
East of the Hebridies-Based in Plymouth Meeting Penn.Bill & Karen Reid inc.compilation CD's!!
Eddie Delahunt & Inishowen Based in Kansas City Missouri
Edsall Road Based in the Washington DC area featuring fife and drums !!
Eedjits ,The 
  Funny bunch from Illinois/Poeria area !
Eelco & Grace
Eelco Beckers and Grace Dunne based in Ireland playing worldwide !!
Efatha Duo playing a lot in the Pennsylvania area !!
-Banjo a-go-go-in your ear "The Reel Egan" West Coast Seamus!!
Elders,The Keltic Rock from Kansas City
Electrics, The Scottish Celtic Christian rock (nice page too) !!
Emerson,Frank Singer originally from Dublin now based in the DC area!!
Emigrants, The
Based in Rochester New York 
Empty Flask
Based in Barrie ,Ontario,Canada
Ennis, Seamus  (Magyarul)
Enter the Haggis Rock band based in Toronto Canada !!
Enya Fan Club, Fan club for Enya in case you didn't guess !
Eureka! Band from Sydney Australia !!
Eykleboom.Anneke-Dutch Fiddle-player

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Fables, The Band based in St John's Newfoundland
Fabulous Potato Heads, The Based in the Washington DC area  
Fahy, Kieran 
Fairport Convention-One of the truly original bands and one who spawned many groups in this genre !
Fairport Convention-Another site !
Failte- Toronto,Canada based trad band !!
Failte  Band based in Hungary
Fakiroumuska Trio from Brittany-page in French
Father, Son & Friends Ohio based 4-piece Celtic band-look like characters !!
Fatima Mansions A Dublin-based band called after a "beautiful place" !
Fenians,The-Costa Mesa California based band 
Fernhill Welsh based band playing traditional music of the British Isles !
Fergie & the Bog Dogs
  Band from Northern Ohio
Fianna Rua Kentucky meets Keltic
Fiddlers 3
3 fiddles lead this band from Hamilton Ontario,Canada
Fiddler's Green German based-page in German-I used to work for SIEMENS and should be able to read it !
Fidler,Jim From Newfoundland,Jim is a blind musician who can see with his words !!
Fielding,Malcolm-Australian musician who's CD's are featured on indie-cds.com along with some GREAT info!! 
Finlayson, Cady
New York based fiddle-player formerly wit the Mc Cabes-now flying solo !! 
Celtic band from Germany (Cologne) !!
Finn MacCool
Los Angeles-based Celtic rock band!
Fish on Friday  Trad Irish and American band based in Plainfield New Jersey!!
-New Zealand based Celtic musician playing a variety of stringed instruments !!
Five Bar'd Gait Ceilidh Band, The Band from Manchester England !!
Flash Girl's Voted best Folk World Band in '94
Fleming,Sean Popular band playing a lot in NY-Washington DC areas !!
Fleming,Tommy Irish Tenor !
From Perth Australia   
Floating Widget 3-piece band from Waterloo area of Canada !!
Flogging Molly Molly is currently being "flogged" in California
Flogging Molly Molly being "Flogged" un-officially
Flook-A band based in the UK but playing far afield !!
Flying Fish Sailors Texas-based band  
Flying Scotsman,The-Based in Canada
Flynn, Martin Song and comedy from this NY-based versatile entertainer !!
Foghorn String Band

Folklore Musicians Based in Toronto,Canada

Foothills Trio,The-Upstate NY based band  !!
Forty Thieves-"Celto-Billy" band based in Washington DC !
Four Shillings Short - Palo Alto-based "Psychadelic Celtic" 4 piece !
Foxhunters,The-NY/NJ/CT based band.
Official Ceili band for the London Rugby Club
Frontmen,The-San Francisco based   !!
Full Circle with Neil Anderson Neil was the founding member of 'Seven Nations"
Full Gael
Ohio based band !!
Full Moon Ensemble, The 6-piece band keeping things going down Alabama way!!
Furry Village Band from Galway !!
Futa Fata Ceol Tadhg ! Page in Irish and English!!

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Gaberlunzie Scottish based band
Gabriel's Gate From Kansas City Mo.3 piece band!
Gael Force Rock band based in New York
Gaelic Gall "De Gaulle" of this band from Hong Kong !
Gaelic Storm This is the band from the movie "TITANIC"
Galway Express-Stockholm Sweden based 5-piece band (Page only in Swedish)
Galway, James-THE "Magic Flute" 
Gallagher,Rory Late-great guitar player!
Gallagher,Seth-pipe maker and Uilleann-Pipe resource.
Gan Ainm   
Gan Bua
  Band based in Chicago !
Gaughan,Dick Great performer/guitarist from Scotland !
Ghengis Carney New Zealand based band-trad and everything else
Glaz Breton based band
Glees-4-piece band playing Irish Music in Italy
Glengarry Bhoys, The From Ontario with a ceili flourish
Golden Bough Trio based in California featuring multi instruments including the harp,violin.... 
Originally from Newry Co.Down now playing as a singer/composer worldwie!!
Grace,Sean  -
Grady,Mance Bodhran player and maker Rhode Island   USA.
Great Big Sea Newfoundland-based band who's star is rising !
Green Beer
Green House
Green Man S.California based band !!
Griffiths,Geraint Performer from Wales also singing in Welsh!!
Gunn,Douglas  Musician, Composer, Arranger, Director
Guthro,Bruce Singer/songwriter from Cape Breton

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Hadrian's Wall Hawaiian Islands (Honolulu) based folkers/rockers!
Hadrian's Wall E.Ontario based band!

Hair of the dog
  Celtic band Based in Albany N.Y
Hair of the dog Irish music with a Dutch accent! 

Hallissey ,Dan
A great musician from Cork now based in Boston-playing accordian,keyboards and DJ
Hammerback, Julie
Harpist based in North Carolina
Hammons Family,The-West Virginia based group !
Hanly,Mick Great singer/songwriter originally from Limerick and member of Moving Hearts!!
-Concertina player based in England
Hardy Billy-Celtic Clan's /Cape Cod Fiddlers fiddle player's own site !
Hardy, Jack
Harrison,Christina-Excellent singer originally from Glasgow now based in Maryland
Haste to the wedding
Hayes ,Martin Great fiddle-player accompanied by Dennis Cahill
Healy,Skip-Flute player and maker based in Rhode Island !!

Henri's Notions 5-piece band based in Alabama !
Hibernians,The-German based band in the Frankfurt region !
Highland Sun
Hiring Fair-5 piece band based in Boston (Hi Seth & Brenda) !
Holder,Barby-Hammered dulcimer and guitar
Honey,Therese-Harpist based in Houston Texas  
Hooligans ,The
- Philadelphia based Band
Horslips,- The Original of the Celtic Rock species!
Horslips, The band that put "ROCK" behing the "CELTIC"
Hot House Flowers Popular throughout the world and originally creative
Hot Toddy Aussie band from Brisbane (Spent some time there m'self)
Hurley's Comet-Newcastle band-Tyneside meets Liffeyside !
Hyder,Ken   Dundee based

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Immigrants, The
Inchicore Boston-based band and friends of mine!!
Incision Irish Celto-Punko band from Kilkenny/Offaly area !!
Indulgers, The Rock band from Denver CO. !
Inishowen -Hope your French is up to par-I had Latin-They thought I was
going to be a priest or a nun-except for the "Altar-Ego"
Inishowen Ceilidh Band, The Glasgow-based Ceili with a flourish!
Iona-Trad band based in Virginia !
Irish Brigade, The Co Tyrone based REEL-REBELS !
Irish Descendants , The GREAT  band from Newfoundland !
Irish Hearts Hawaii-based band !
Irish Pipe band Association
Irish Rovers Alas semi-defunct but still playing in various combinations !
Irish Weavers, The Co. Cork based band Boy !
Irish Wish 
Iron Horse,The-Scottish based folk rockers !
Irvine,Andy   On of the "original of the spcies"-done it all ! 
Itinerants, The
New York based band !!
Ivers,Eileen The fiddler that "BLUE" them all away!

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Jacky Tar Wellington New Zealand band !!
Jagger,Peter-Guitar and harmonica-currently living in Germany!
James's Gate-Swedish based (Helsingborg) 7 piece band !                  
Jay Unger & Molly Mason The GREAT composer and expert back-up Ashokan Camp!! 
New York based band
Jenric Florida based duo featuring fiddle-player extraordinaire Rick Weidley and singer/songwriter Jennifer King !!
Jiveiaires...Getting the old show-band scene out of moth balls !
Jock Tamson's Bairns Well Scottish Band
Jody's Heaven
  Award-winning,California based trio featuring fiddle,guitar and concertina!!
Johnny and the Poor Boys  The UK's shit-kickinest alternative Celts !
John O'Dreams  Theres a Dutchman doing the "Christy Moore thing"
Jones,Wizz,UK based Acoustic guitarist/composer

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Katell Keineg
Katie McMahon Katie is the singer from "RIVERDANCE"
Keane,Dolores Great singer from Ireland
Keenan ,Paddy Uillean piper- and largely responsible for the  popularity of the instrument !
Keep it up Swinging songs and tunes from Scotland and think "Viagra"
California based band!

Kelly,Jimmy Band
  New York based Irish rock/original band
Kelly's Revenge"Ned" gets his own back via this Adelaide-based band !
Kelpie -- friends of Norland Wind. Kerstin Blodig from Berlin and Ian Melrose from Scotland
Keltia-Band based in the New Jersey area !!
Keltic Cowboys Based in Tempe Arizona-YIPPEE-I-AY....YIPPY-I-B...ETC !
Keltic Kaleidoscope  
Keltoi 5-piece band playing a lot in the Pacific Northwest !
Kennedy,Brian-Originally from Belfast and now based in UK-Voice of an angel
-Funny man from Belfast now based in the Washington DC area!
Kenny,Tony Well known singer from Dublin and featured performer in Jury's Cabaret !
Kenny Young & The Eggplants NY based trio !(Stoneyport)
Kerr ,Moira Singer/songwriter from Scotland !
Kilbride Brothers, The 3-piece Celtic band from Wales !!
Kilbride,Pat Ex Kips Bay Ex Battlefield band-now doing his own thing!
Killdares, The Based in Dallas,Texas-kick arse band
Kilshannig Irish music goes "Dutch"
Kila-New Celtic sound from Ireland-have ya no "sense"!
Kilt 4 fun-loving musicians based in Cape Breton Canada
King Laoghaire Swedish-based band
Kings of Puck
Kingston Ceili Band Based in Kingston Ontario,Canada
Kips Bay Kips Bay Ceili Band Pure Power and fleet-fingered band !
Kirtley ,Pat National fingerpicking guitar champion based in Kentucky U.S.A. 
Kissers ,The  Midwest based Celtic Rock band !!
Kitchen Party, The Toronto based Celtic band with Nova Scotia origins
Knight,Peter-Fiddle-player and member of Steeleye Span
Knodel & Valencia Harps,myth and songs from this duo based in the Pacific NW.
Knot Fibb'n Based in Colombus Ohio
Kyle-na-no Opera meets it's match in this Celtic band from Italy

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La Bottine Souriante Great band from Quebec incorporating a brass-section with jazz undertones !
La Lugh-4/5 piece Irish touring band
Lady Godiva  
Cape Breton fiddle-player now in Boston!!
Lamond,Mary Jane   
, Bouzouki player
Larkin (The) and Moran Brothers based in Chicago !
Larsen,Grey-Irish flute-player
Lash, The From Lancing Michigan !
Last Nights Fun Alaskan based band "many are COLD but few are FROZEN"-Alaskan scripture !
Lawrence,Anthea Washington State (Olympia) based fiddle-player !
Leahy Great family-based Canadian band with multi-cultural influences !
Leahy's Luck-7-piece band based in Milwaukee weilding a vast arsenal of musical/vocal talents!!
Based in Massachusetts-singer/songwriter !
Lenahan Great up-beat band based in NewYork featuring Tom Lenahan!!
Leonard,Gerry-NY based singer/producer originally from Dublin
Leprechauns German Celto/Punko band
Les EV
Levellers, The Punk/Keltik with a huge following throughout the UK
Leven Jackie
Lia Fail Trad band based in Ohio
Linda Rutherford and Celtic Fire
Lintie-Contemporary Celtic vocal harmony based in Southern California!!
Lyttle Family   Band based in Northerh Ireland !

Phenemenal band !!
Loch Rien Aussie based band
L'Ange Vert
Luck Money Trad band based in Los Angeles
Lunny,Donal-World famous producer and one of the originators of the "Irish Bouzouki"   
Lyttle Band                                                            

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MacCrimmon's Revenge  
Mac Diarmada, Oisin
Sligo fiddle-player and good site for "happenings" in the Irish music scene !!
MacDonald ,Laurel - Improbable Music  
Mac Finn Band based in Montreal,Canada
Mac Gillivray, Kendra Cape Breton style fiddle player!!
Mac Gowan,Geraldine  
MacGowan ,Shane
Great songwriter and founder member of The Pogues
MacIsaac,Ashley Fiddle-player extraordinaire
MacKeel Nova Scotia based band 
Great Scottish singer/songwriter !
MacMaster,Natalie Brilliant fiddle-player from Nova Scotia
MacMaster Natalie,Same fiddle player-different site
Mac Neill,Brian-Former member of the Battlefield band !
-Irish speaking  4-piece band based in Co.Donegal,Ireland
MacTullagh Vannin
Isle of Man based
MacUmba 8 pce Scottish band w/a Brazilian flair-Pele meets Billy Connolly !!
Madra Rua "Foxy" devils based in Swansea Wales !
Maher,Yvonne Singer originally from Limerick now based in New York State.!!
Mairi Sìne Lammond
Makem Brothers The sons of Tommy  Makem and making a name in their own right !!
Makem Brothers Fan Page
Makem,Tommy-One of the ALL-TIME GREATS !!
Makvirag-Hungarian-based band !
Mallarkey Twins,The
Manau French based band-page in French too !!
Manning,Matt Producer/singer form Co.Cork "Waltzin' an Angel" CD now available!!
Isle of Man
Mannyng,Kathryn Harper/vocalist based in Boston U.S.A.!!

 New Zealand group playing traditional Scots and Irish music in Dunedin, South Island. 
Marginal Prophets, The
Celtic duo based in Germany
Marron,Martin Irish Singer based in Virginia Beach.
Marra,Michael-Scottish singer/songwriter  
Marum ,Jed
Texas based folk singer with Celtic Roots
Mazlyn Jones
McBrides, The Toronto's own  
Mc Cabe's,The
  New York based band can be seen regularly at Paddy Reilly's
Mc Calmans,The
Mc Carthy 
Mc Cloud,Rory
-Rompin' Rory 
Mc Cutcheon, John
Great singer/composer/performer famous for "Christmas in the trenches" among others
McDermott,John  Member of the famed "Irish Tenors" and based in Canada 
McDermott's Handy

Mc Kinney,Brendan All Ireland champion Uilleann piper !!
McLeod,Zan Multi-instrumentalist based in the Washington DC area
McGoldrick,Michael  Flute player from Manchester England and former All-Ireland champion !!
McKrells, The Based in Upstate NY !
McLoughlin, Noel
McMeen,El  Fingerstyle guitar who's recordings are featured on CDNOW above inc.samples-EXCELLENT STUFF!!
Mc Nay, Rob Originally from Liverpool England now based in Florida-GREAT SINGLE ACT !!
McNeil Brian Originator of The Battlefield Band 

Mc Neill , Bob
Scottish traditional musician and composer based in Broad Bay, New Zealand.

Mc Teggarts
,The two great guys based Boston!!
Men of Worth-Duo playing a lot of festivals-nice page !
Merry Ploughboys,The "Sing it like you mean it" Dublin-based band !! 
Celtic band based in Georgia !
Midnight Court
-Trio playing a lot in Europe 
Midgies The 
A fun bunch based in Scotland but playing worldwide...
Middlewich Paddies-sound like a fun bunch! Based in Cheshire England
Mike Mc Donald Band-From Alberta Canada !!
Milladorio-7-piece Galician band !!

Millar,Will   New Celtic Band
Now based in BC Canada,Will has is tremendously
creative and big influence!!
Mind the gap 4-piece band from Champaign, Illinois,milti-instrumentalists !!
Minogue,Aine Celtic harpist/singer with a new-age touch!!
Mischief  Rockers based in Dublin
Mist & Stone Band from Saskatchewan, Canada
Mobtown Hooligans -Baltimore based band
Mollag Band, The Isle of Man based band
Mollyhawkes Band based in Pennsylvania
Mollys, The "Guinness with a worm in the bottle" from this Arizona based 5-piece band
Moloney,Mick Great musician and former member of Planxty and many other famous bands 
Dublin based band ,,,destined for great things...Hot Press
More Power To Your Elbow Big band from Co.Tyrone  

,Scottish button-accordian played now based in Houston Texas !
Morning Star 4-piece trad-band based in New York !

...Well..what more can we say...OOOOO LISDOONVARNA....
Moore,Gary Great guitarist-I recently played in Seoul Korea-and he is the most popular musician on the radio there
Morrigu Band based Connecticut
Morris Minor Steve Morris & Vince Griffin-2 great guys basen in Washington DC !!
Morrison,Jo-Harpist from the Washington DC area
Morrison,Van Van DE Man
Mountain Dew-5-piece Swedish band
Mountain Laurel Ceili Band Connecticut based band !
Mulvihill,Brendan Great fiddle-player now based in the Washington DC area
-Singer from Co.Offaly who's stock is rising !
Mythology Band based in Atlanta Georgia

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Na Casaidigh
Na Clarsairean - The Harpers  
Psycho-Ceili from this London based band led by Leeson O Keefe of Shane Mc Gowan's "Popoe" !
Neilí go Deazz  
Eoighan and Flaithri Fiddle & Uilleann pipes !!
Nenagh Singers Circle From Nenagh Co.Tipperary!
New Celeste
New Kids on the Mountain Swedish-based band-Thanks Lars !
Newfoundland Kitchen PartyNewfoundland based band !
Niamh Parsons & The Loose Connections Popular band from Dublin !
Nine Mile Burn Kansas City based band!
Nobody's Reel From Houston Texas  
Nogoodnix From New York Celto/Punko!
Originally from Dublin now based in Canada and plays a lot in Florida   
Nomos Cork based band gathering momentum !

Norland Wind - - german harpenist Thomas Loefke with Padraig and Noel Duggan from Clannad. A lot of concert tours through Scandinavia, Ireland, GB, USA an of course Germany

Northern Journey  
Northern Celts
,Band based in North London
North Sea Gas Folkies from Scotland
North Cregg-Irish band from Cork/Kerry                       

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O'Brien,Dermot-Great entertainer /Accordion-player from Co Louth
O'Brien,Paddy Irish Button accordion
O'Carroll-Tom & Debbie have been a fixture in the Northeast
@ festivals etc-Debbie with magic and Tom as a performer-(Hi Guys !)
O'Connell ,Christy Great musician originally from Cork now based in Boston !
O’Connell,Robbie  Oft times member of a Clancy Brothers combination,Robbie is an excellent writer and performer!
O Connor,Mark-"Phenomenal Phiddler" with creativity abounding !
O'Connor,Sinead   The great Sinead
O'Doherty,Cahir , Florida based-Irish singer
O'Donnell,Ian -Who IS this bloke?
O'Donoghue,Harry Singer songwriter based in Savannah,Georgia !!
O hAllmhurain, Dr.Gearoid
O'Hara, Mary   Harpist/Singer,former nun,Mary has developed a great following and is a regular on British TV
O'Kannagan Based in British Columbia Canada !
O'Loughlin,Brendan   Singer/songwriter Originally from Limerick now based in the States-new CD available from this link !! 
O'Malley's March Based in Baltimore Maryland !
O'Sullivan,Jerry If you are going to PAY THE PIPER-Jerry's your man  !
Odd Enough Irish flavour from Detroit ! 
Off the boat
Duo based in Ocean City Maryland !!
Old Blind Dogs Aberdeen Scotland based band !
One Eyed Fiona -Phoenix Arizona based band !!
Open House, fearuring Kevin Burke Kevin's project w/dancer Sandy Silva, Paul Kopitash 
Orla and the Gas Men
Great name ! California based band !
Ossian Good reference and info !!
Out of Alba BC Canada based band !
Oyster Band UK based semi-cult   progressive band
Open Folk Courtesy of Magyarul-a Hungarian/Celtic resource!!

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PBR Streetgang
Keeping music evil since 1992!
   5-piece band based in Ireland and playing worldwide !!
Paddies on the Tundra
Yep-The Paddies end up everywhere-this time in Ottawa Canada!
Paddy goes to Holyhead (Blue Horses) Irish band based in Germany !
Paddy Whack -give the dog a bone!
Paddy's Lament Louisiana based N'Orleans ! 
Pagan Mary
Totonto Canada based Celtic band !!
Paitchyn Vannin Isle of Man band !
Paperboys , The From Vancouver BC Canada ! 
Paton ,Pam
Latin influenced Celtic music from Nova Scotia , Canada!!
Pauley, John with the REV Band-Fiddle-player from Aberdeen,Scotland !!
Peatbog Faeries, The
Band from The Isle of Skye off the coast of Scotland ! 
Based in Glengarry County  Ontario 7-8 piece band
Petteway,Al Celtic-style guitar !
Pendragon Rhode Island based trad band!!
Breton Celtic music
Pentangle-Jacqui Mc Shee's Pentangle pages
Peoples,Tommy Famous for his "stutter-style",Tommy has been a huge influence of Irish Fiddle-playing !
Philadelphia Ceili group-Good resource for the "Philly"area.     
Phynnodderee Isle of Man based band !    
Pigtown Breton band ! 
from N.Carolina-Bagpipe and Blues band !!
Pipe on the Hob NY based band
Plague Monkeys,The-Neo-Celtic alternate sounds from this up-and-coming band from Ireland 
,Progressive folk from Germany
Ploughboys Aussie-based band
Pluck and Squeeze -Great name-Welsh based band !
Pogues Well..what more can we say !
Pooka Florida-based band !
Pooka-New Zealand based band 
Poor Clares,The-A 4 piece band based in New Orleans !
Poor Mans Fortune-Texas-based 4-piece band !
Porter Sharks, The 4-piece band from Cleveland Ohio !
Poozies,The-Scottish-Very different-harps/accordions/kitchen sinks ! 
Price ,Kate  
Prior,Maddy-Well known singer and member of Steeleye Span
Prodigals, The   
  5-piece band based in Dublin playing the world !
Prydein From Burlington Vermont (Great ditty on Jimi Hendrix) 

,The Band based in Portland ,Maine
-fun band from Texas!! 
Pub Domain 5-piece band from the Chicago area-check out their Kennedy Center gig on their site!!
Pub Scouts,The-Based in Chico California
Punters, The
Pure Drop Yorkshire-based band !

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Quarefellas, The Named for the famous Brendan Behan work-I think
Queally and O' Donoghue From Co.Clare !
Quilty-Stockholm Sweden based duo
Quinn,Danny Now based in The Washington DC area

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Rabies-Celtic band based in Germany !
Band playing all over the world !!
Ragged Band, The Australian band !
Rankin Family (The Rankins)-Fantastic
Rattle the Reeds,Ontario, Canada based band
Raven Based in Portland Oregon !
Rawlins Cross Folk Rock from St. Johns, Newfoundland !
Real McKenzies, The From Vancouver BC Canada !
Reckless Pedestrians-Dublin based rock band  
Reel Feelings
-- rock and roll folk, very
Irish. The singer is a well known radio dj from Leipzig/Germany.
Reelones-Norwegian band-nice page !!
Reeltime Band from Galway !
Reilly,Deirdre Singer from Holyoke Mass.
Reilly,Paddy Great singer/interpreter of sensitive songs.
Rev Band From Aberdeenshire Scotland !!
Revels Glen Duo playing in the Boston/Rhode Island area (hi Billy)!!
Reynardyne German based band
Rhea's Obsession Based in Toronto,Canada
Richards,Sue  Celtic Harp !
Rising Pints, The Based in Nagoya Japan is that "Ciaran" beer yer raising ? 
Band based in Kingston Ontario,Canada!!
Riverdance The Phenomenon!
Robertson, Kim Harpist from Wisconsin
Roche,Claire Harpist/Singer based in Dublin 
Roche ,Gary
Uilleann Piper from Cork described in the Irish newspapers as...BRILLIANT !!
Rock Salt & Nails Sounds like a standard breakfast for the tough folk from the Shetlands
Rocky River Bush Band In South Australia I was born -Heave away......Haul away !
Rogers,Stan-Need we say anymore-miles to go before he slept'  
Rogues March
New York based 5-piece band that combines Country, Cabaret Punk and Celtic!
Romany Tales-Brisbane Australia based band 
"The Godfather" of fiddle-from Co.Leitrim now in London!!
Roos,Anne  Celtic Harpist ! Round The House
Roundstone Aussie band (Melbourne)
Rowan Kansas-based band !
Rowsome, Kevin 
A 5th generation Uilleann-piper and member of the famed Rowsome family!! 
Russell Alistair Former member of the Battlefield Band !!
Ryan,Sheila Harpist from British Columbia !

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Sahara Aussie Band in need of a drink !
Salsa Celtica GLASGOW "SALSA"
Sansone,Maggie Hammered dulcimer
Sawdoctors Hugely popular worldwide !
Scatter the Mud Named for a famous tune, this band is based in Calgary Alberta-Canada
Schroevers,Jack-Dutch Based Fid/Mando-Celtic
Scott M.X. Turner & The Devil's Advocates
Seanachai Canadian based band-Calgary Alberta
Seanchai and The Unity Squad NY based band !
Seelyhoo-Edinburgh based band
Seisun ,The Traditional band based in Orange Co.California
Seven Nations Tremendously popular Scottish band based In Florida !
Sex Clark Five  
Sex Slaves From Hell
Irish Thrash punk based in the U.K.
Shake the Dice Manchester based "purveyours of fine ceilidh"
Share Na Veg From The Isle of Man
Shannon,Sharon -The undisputed queen of the buttons!
Shannon Netherlands based band !
Shantalla One Scots woman and four Irishmen-based in Belgium !
Shaughnessy-Hill Band  Montana-based band
Based in Burlington Vermont. (Great place) 
Band based in Vancouver B.C.Canada
Shenanigan Band from Sussex , England-Irish both old and new !!
Sheridan,J. J.   Pianist from Ireland !
Sherman,John  - Guitarist Based in Columbus Ohio !

Shilelagh Law  Pub band from New York
Shinaig Scottish-based band !
Shona Le Mottée
Shooglenifty,   Scottish band gaining popularity in leaps and "Pounds" !
Shovlin,Nick Scottish/Irish performer playing in Germany,Austria and the Balkans !!
Silly Wizard-Phenomenal Scottish trail blazers !
Sileas-2 members of the Poozies with their own project
Silver Arm Ohio-based (Cincinnati) band
Silverhand Duo from Oregon !
Simmonds, Pat Fiddle player originally from New Zealand now based in Toronto!!
Simple Gifts-All woman trio covering a huge variety inc.Klezmer-Keltic!
New trad band from Fairfax Virginia 
Six Steps to the Bar
SixMileBridge Based in Houston,Texas !
Skels, The
Skibbereen Named for the famed Co.Cork town
Skintone-Duo from Bray Co.Wicklow
Slainte Based in Washington State-Tacoma !
Slainte Mhath Band from Cape Breton
Slua Si  
Popular singer in the N.Y area !
Smithfield Fair  Scottish flair from Smithfield Fair !
Snog the Rock
-Co.Antrim based traditional 4-piece band!!
Solas The phomenon-"lighting" up the scene
So's Your Mom

Speek,Hans Dutch Based multi instrumentalist-bouzouki/guitar mandolin
Spillane, Davy Uilleann-Piper extraordinare!!

Spirit of the West  
Spirit of 16 - Philadelphia based band
Squeeze of Scotch From Regina,Saskatchuan !
Squish -Based in Victoria British Columbia !
Standing Stones, The
Stark Raven Ohio based band !
Steeleye Span Discography
Stiff Little Fingers-Great band originally from Belfast
Stoaters, The
Stone Circle
4-piece band based in Salt Lake City Utah!!
Stubbert,Brenda-Fiddle Player from Cape Breton
Sullivan Mairead
Suffering Gaels, The
Superkeltic L.A. based Celtic Rock band
Susan McKeown & Chanting House
Swan, Tania Elizabeth Fiddler from Canada 
Singer from Dublin.Former member of The Dublin City Ramblers now solo.
Fun Celtic-based band from Minneapolis !!
Swinish Multitude, The Canadian based (Hamilton,Ontario)
Switchback-Chicago Duo

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Tabor,June Great singer from U.K.on the Green Linnet label!
Tadhg Ó Muiris,-Amhrain as Gaeilge-Songs in Irish !
Tain Ceili Band ,The
Featuring All-Ireland champion players
TamLyn Up and coming band from Southern California !!
Tam White's Shoestring-Scottish based acoustic blues trio!
Tanglefoot  High impact Canadian culture 5-piece band based in Ontario!!
Tannahill Weavers
One of the Original of the species 
Tap The Bow
4-piece band based in Northern Ohio!!
Tartan Amoebas, The  
Tassida Irish-based band playing a lot in Europe !
Teannaich From Edinburgh,Scotland
Tempest -San Francisco-based Celtic rock band
Thin Lizzy I used to book Phil (RIP) and the boys for O'Connell Schools dances in Dublin-GREAT BAND !
Tholtan Builders Isle of Man based band!
Three (3) Our Tour  
Three Men in Kilts
Band from Chicago's Southside-Thanks lads!!
Three Hams on Rye
Tickle Harbour Newfoundland based band !
Timlin & Kane
Duo based in thebPhiladelphia area!!
Tingstad & Rumble Guitar & Oboe !
Tinkers, The  
Eelco Beckers and Grace Dunne based in Ireland playing worldwide !!

Tipplers Tales - - traditional Irish folk an scottish ballads, music from songwriters like Andy Irvin, Warren Zevon, Christy Moore

Tipsy House San Francisco based band !
Tory Voodoo
Toss the Feathers (The Tossers) Folk-Rock band from Manchester England !!
Tossers Fun band form Illinois U.S.A.!!
Touchstone Norwegian-based band !
Town Pants, The Canadian based band Vancouver B.C.!! 
Boston based band specializing in weddings, dances and functions !!
Tri Yann
Triall Ro Crua Band from Hastings Minnesota!!

Trinity River Whalers-Texas Based band
Trio Nocturna Georgia based band 
Tuatha De Danann, Ensemble Based in Italy !
Montreal based duo
Turlough Carolan
Tutty,Paddy ,Canadian based female singer from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan!
Twilight Lords
Two Left Feet
Two O'Clock Courage Texas meets Guinness-dangerous combination !
Two Time Polka-A band from Co.Cork !
Tyrone Heade Bagpiper !

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U2      What more can be said                                                                                                                                                                   
Ulster Rogues, The  Minneapolis-based politically tinged band !
Uncle Dirtytoes Kansas based band !
Uisce Bheatha-Band from Richmond Virginia

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Van Morrison What's left to say
Verch ,April Canadian fiddle-player-nice page w/Real video !!
-Fiddle player from Sligo !

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Wallace,Robert   Scottish piper
Wallace,Sharlene   Harpist
Waterboys,The-Immensely popular and creative band featuring Mike Scott !
Watercress A riotously funny and talented band from Belfast
Wearne,Jim   Cornish singer !
Weiser,Glenn Guitar and harp player/author !
Whelan,Bill Composer of "RIVERDANCE"
Wellington,Sheena Traditional Scottish ballad-singer
Wenski,Jonathan Ramsey
Irish/Scottish style singer/songwriter based in Kansas City !!
West of Eden Swedish based band !
West o' Clare Trad music from Clare
Whelan,Patsy-Fiddlin' Fixture originally from Dublin now based in Boston!!
White, Bennet & Associates  Duo Joanne Meis and Sheila White on flute and harp !
White,Freddie-Great singer/songwriter/performer originally from Cork now based in Boston !
Whistlebinkies, The Scottish-based band
White,Jennifer   Harpist,Storyteller,Vocalist based in Ontario,Canada!! Wilderness
Whole Shabang,The Ultra popular band from Ireland !
Whooligans, The California based (Long Beach) band !
Wicked Tinkers Scottish band
Wild Cigarillos,The-Ceili band based in Scotland
Wild Flowers-5 piece Acapella all-girl band from Belfast
Wild Mountain Thyme-From Canada
Wild Rovers,The-Olean (NY) based duo
Wild Welsh Women Celtic and contemporary music !
Wilkie Dave    Mandolin player !
Wilson,Carl-Scottish based singer/actor
Windy Mills Ceilidh Band-4-piece band based in Northumbria England
Wolfstone Big-time Scottish band !
Woods,Sylvia Harpist 
Woods Tea Co.New-England based band featuring songs of the sea and various other folk/Celtic genres (hi Chuck)
with Carol Clark, Bag-piper and Scottish entertainer based in Maine!!
Wyndwyre-Texas based band!
Wyndbreakers Based in Florida

X   Hey-name a band beginning with "X" and this category is all yours
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Yankee Celtic Consort Ohio-based (Columbus) band !
Yeates,Peter-Great singer/songwriter from Dublin (Hi Pete) Now living in Washington State !!
Yellow Rebel
Young Dubliners,The California-based immensely popular band

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Zahm Charlie

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